Wednesday, September 22, 2010

See You At The Pole

This is when the boys were first dropped off. About 20 people showed total
Well today was SYATP day (See You At The Pole.) Tanner had gone 2 years ago when he was in NEMS. Jordan was still in Elementary at that time.(Bringing Up The Past tells all about it). Then Last year I'm ashamed to say that we forgot. How blessed are we to live in a country where our children can gather in front of their school and pray. To worship our God in song, and not have to worry about being persecuted, well at least not by the law. We can at times be persecuted by our peers and fellow students. I know it can be hard as teens to step out there and show what you believe. To live your life for Christ and not let others influence your decisions. To try and make sure that the friends you keep are going to help influence you positively. To show Gods love to others. I am so proud of my boys. That they, and their friends, stepped out today and showed everyone what they stand for. I pray that They will continue to grow in Christ and stand firm on their beliefs.


  1. How wonderful! May the Lord continue to strengthen their walks as they shine like stars.

  2. That was a nice post. you must be very proud :)


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