Sunday, September 12, 2010


This past weekend I had gotten a piece of furniture that I had inherited from my grandparents. It was an old hand made (not sure by who) wooden cabinet that was kept in their basement. My grandfather  had stored things in it. When I saw it though I just thought it was a really neat piece.

We have a pretty good size kitchen but since I started selling Tastefully Simple , I have been wanting some extra space to store that stuff  in, plus some other things. This cabinet is perfect for that.

This weekend can you guess what I did? I painted... I Wiped the whole thing down first with a little bleach water and dish soap (well Ken did ). Hours later when I was sure it had dried well, I primed the whole piece inside and out.

Inside after I primed. I didn't think to take a pic before

Some areas on the inside needed to be primed twice(just because I wanted to be sure it was covered completely) I still had paint left from when I painted our cabinets so I used this color on this piece also. I wasn't sure I'd have enough so I concentrated on the outside first.

I wish I had taken a picture before I put things in it.

Since I had primed the inside and did 2 coats I just left it white, and I had some shelf paper that I went ahead and put on the shelves and the inside of the door to kind of finish it off.
closer look

It's perfect !!
Should have shut the door all the way on the cabinet


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  1. I really like what you did with this. What a great way to add some storage to any room! Thanks for the lovely comment at my blog.


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