Friday, March 29, 2013

A New Found Hobby

A couple  of weekends ago my mom and I were in OC and there was a lady that was selling these scarves that are all the new trend now. She was selling them for 10 dollars . She briefly showed us how she made them and what kind of yarn she used and so forth. Out of curiosity I got on line and found a bunch of videos on how to make them . There are many different ways that different people use. After watching several and figuring out which one I thought would work best for me , I thought to myself I can do that. So I went to Walmart and got some yarn and a crochet needle and started on my first scarf. After some trial and error and combining some of the different methods together to come up with my own I was on a roll. In 5 days I have made 6 scarves. I gave one of those 6 to my mom for her birthday. Here are some pictures of the ones I did.
not sure just a mixture

This is a combination of the periwinkle, the solid turquoise that I made my moms out of and the mixed one,

All of them stretched out on the table



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sew... I pulled out the old sewing machine

The other day I saw this on pintrest,
What you can do with your dish towels so they won't fall off the stove handle.

Well I loved the idea because I always have trouble with mine falling off so I did a couple of my towels
I had to cut one end of the towels and sew them back together so that when it is folded over the back side doesn't show.
I also only put 2 buttons on instead of 3. they are whie so they are a little hard to see from here

While I had my sewing stuff out, I came across some material that we had left from when we recovered our kitchen chairs. I started experimenting and this is what I came up with.
A plastic bag holder, not the prettiest thing but it works


Monday, December 17, 2012

Cookie Exchange

One thing that is popular this time of year are Cookie Exchanges. Every year my mom does one. This past Saturday was hers. I spent a couple days helping her get ready for it. We had a really great time and got to bring home a lot of great cookies.
The table centerpiece

Table setting
Add caption
Cookies I made with Tastefully Simple's Cinnamon Muffin Melt Mix.
Cookies I made with Tastefully Simple's Almond Pound Cake
Cookies I made with Tastefully Simple's Sugar and Spice Chai Bread
             Go to Faith's Tastefully Simple Blog  to learn more about these cookie recipes.



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