My Family

I have been married for 22 wonderful years to my husband Ken. Ken use to work in the automotive industry but lost his Job with Lear when the plant closed (they made the seats for Chrysler) . This was back on a Friday in December of 08. Thank the Lord , He had another job waiting for him the next Monday.

My oldest son Tanner, is in 18 and going to college. He is very self disciplined when it comes to school and doesn't like to settle for anything less than his best. (I know right? ) He  also likes to play soccer.                                                                                                                                                                   

My youngest Jordan is 17 .  He is a very adventurous person. He has quite the sense of humor too and all of the sudden will throw something out there to make you laugh. He is a very strong willed person which can be bad at times but it can be a good thing also. You See Jordan is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in June of 09. He had a couple surgery's to have his thyroid removed and some lymph nodes. He is doing well now and will have to be on thyroid meds for ever but it's a small price to pay.


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