Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting Started

Well this is my first Blog (on here). I have blogged on MS before but I thought I'd give this a try. Since I had to have an account now to comment on my sister and nieces blogs, I figured, What the Heck. Counting Down the days to Settlement, just 4 more to go and still lots to do. As exciting as it is, it will still be sad to go from my parents home again.(first time being when Ken and I got married over 15 years ago). We have been here almost a year. Hadn't expected it to be this long but The Lord knew what he was doing when he put us here. Ken being layed off all summer , car repairs, The plant where Ken worked closing down. Being here has been what we needed and my parents and even my brother (who lives here also,) have been a huge blessing to me and my family. Almost a year after selling our home, Ken has a new job and we are getting ready to move into our new home. I remember thinking it would never happen, but God knew the future.
God is GOOD!!!

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  1. Daddy and I were happy to have been able to help you guys out. It pays to have a big house,even tho we have talked about down sizing. Like you say, only God knows why we didn't. Looking forward to you having family times at your new home. Love MOM


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