Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bringing up the past.

Well there isn't a whole lot going on right now. I'm still missing the boys a lot. It's getting here pretty lonely here without any of my guys. I just want the boys to have a great time.

Any way, I just thought I'd post some of my old blogs on here that I had put on myspace.

Jan. 6 2008

Well I must say I am not much of a blogger but as we get in to the start of a new year, I thought I would maybe try to blog some. We finally took our tree and decorations down this Saturday and I have to say as much as I like to get our home back it is always a little depressing. All the anticipation and planning for the Christmas Holiday and it is over so quickly.Going back to work after all that time off isn't that fun either. As some of you may have seen we have had a pretty exciting end of the year .WE have had to replace our Alero and we found this great Malibu, But we have had some disappointment also. We were so close again to getting an offer on our home that will be on the market for a year the end of February. We had some buyers that had come to look during Christmas break and then came back for a second look the day after New years. After some consideration, they decided to go with a 3 bedroom instead of our 2 . Talk about disappointment. I know that we have put the whole situation in Gods hands and with that I trust that this just wasn't his time for us, not our time but his. However, when we hear music next door @ all hours of the night and stomping up and down the steps, yelling at the TV during a game, all this through the walls, I just can't help but wonder how long the Lord is going to Keep us here. I know though that he has a plan and If I just keep putting my trust in his will He sees The bigger picture. So As we get in to the new year I just pray that it will be a good and safe year for all of my friends and family out there. God Bless

Sept. 26th 2008

Ok I tried to type this yesterday and had connection problems and ended up losing it all so I have to start over. Wednesday was national SEE YOU AT THE POLE DAY, which is where kids can gather around the flag pole at their middle and high schools before school starts and have a time of prayer and worship. In a world today where Christians can be criticized and untolerated in the public schools, this can be a very hard thing (especially for a little fish in a big pond). Tanner came home Tuesday and reminded us that Wednesday was SYOTP day. I asked him if he wanted to go and he said yes. This meant that I would have to get myself up and get going a half hour earlier than normal, but I was not going to discourage him. So I asked him if any of his friends were going to be there and he said he didn't know. So we get up the next morning and are off to school (the sun isn't even totally up yet).The first thing Tanner says when we pull up is
Mom, there is no one here my age. He is only in the 6th grade. There were only a few kids and a few facualty there. I told him that's ok you're doing this for the Lord not yourself. He hopped right out of the car and took his place at the pole and didn't look back once. None of his friends ever did show up at the pole. For him to take the initiative on his own to want to do this, stand up and show who he is and what he believes and not worry what others think made me very proud. This may not seem like a big thing to some but for him I know it was. A big step in standing up to all the peer pressures and temptations that will surely come his way the rest of his middle and high school career.

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  1. I love hearing about your kids' strong faith. I know it's not enough for us to pray for our children. I just hope and pray that mine will walk with the Lord despite their flawed parents.

    You're always an inspiration! I miss you!


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