Friday, October 9, 2009

" Just the 2 of us "

Well, Here I am again.. I know it's been a while. I really am not much of a writer I guess. The boys left yesterday with my parents to go out to Cali. They are visiting my sister and her family. They were super excited to go. I haven't heard from them today but I'm sure they are having a great time. They will be back on the 18th. They have been out there before but they were like 1 and 3 so they really don't remember it. These are pictures of them on the plane on our trip before.

. Tomorrow Ken and I may take a drive to Bird in Hand PA, go to some of the Amish shops and stuff. Hopefully the weather will be nice. I went last Saturday with my sister in law Debbie. We had a really nice time. There is just so much to see so I'd like to go back again.

Tanner is doing Great. Doing fantastic in school and adjusting very well. I am seeing how he is handling himself in certain situations in school (1 particular bully situation)in such a Christ like manner that makes me so proud . Problem was solved.

Jordan is doing really well Medically Praise God. He went to see the endocrinologist before his trip. He doesn't have to go back there for a while but he will have to go have more lab work done when he gets home. We are still working on trying to get his Synthroid and strattera adjusted. That's a little rough. Jordan just amazes me with the strength that he has facing this cancer. He does know now that his papillary carcinoma is cancer. I know where that strength comes from and I believe he knows where it comes from. Seeing God work in Jordan is just Amazing.

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