Monday, August 30, 2010

My Father in law Paul , has passed on.

Around 12:30 this morning, August 30th, My father in law passed away from his battle with cancer.  He was a husband, a father who raised 7 children, a grandfather ,and a great grandfather. I'm sure it wasn't easy and I'm sure he probably wished he had done things differently as he looked back on his life. Who doesn't, I mean none of us are perfect.

 One thing  I know is this, he would do anything for his wife, his kids, and his grand children. My boys learned a lot from their Grand pop pop, Jordan and Paul would sit and watch the history or military channel while Paul would tell Jordan things about his past in the service and how things were done, and Tanner.. well Tanner would listen to him talk about the military too but they would also talk sports and some current events. It was neat to see the boys and how they would engage in conversation with him.

Yes he will be missed greatly, I think my sister in law Terri Fuchs said it pretty well when she said this "He deserves much recognition and respect. He fought for our country with bravery and courage.He worked hard to support his family . He held strong to his convictions and never cared what anyone thought of him. He lived his life with integrity like none other. He is one of the last of his kind... "

We love you Paul


  1. So sorry for all of you...Love and prayers, Annette

  2. That was beautifully done. I'm sure he would have been proud of what you wrote.

  3. That was beautiful Faith. Thank you.

  4. I wish there was something to say to you and your men that was profound and comforting. I truly am sorry for your loss and I hope these next few days will be filled with tears, not from sadness but from laughter and joy as you remember Paul. Love you guys!

  5. Sorry for your loss, and prayers go out to you & yours.
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