Thursday, August 5, 2010

Past and Present pictured together.

As some of you may know, My Father in law Paul, Has been battling Cancer for quite some time now. The first Surgery for the cancer that he had done was back in 93 I believe , Not long before Ken and I got married. He had served in the Navy back when he was a young man, I'm not sure how many years he was in, so he is at the VA Hospital for his care, on hospice. He has been there since before Fathers Day. When some pictures of Paul were brought in to his room , A nurse I believe had mentioned that there was a patient that liked to draw or paint pictures and asked if she could borrow the pictures of Paul so he could do one.

Here is the picture of Paul Years ago

Here is a more recent picture of Paul,

Here is the picture that the fellow veteran did. I don't know if it's a painting, or pastels or what, I haven't seen it yet other than in pictures. I am highly impressed and love how the navy ship was incorporated in to it also. It's just great. What a great gift for my mother in law Marlene. Pictures are great, but there is always something a little special about a painting or drawing. We love you Paul.


  1. I like it very much, and it will mean a lot to Marlene down the road.

  2. Such a great job! Thinking and praying for you, Ken, and the boys.


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