Monday, August 9, 2010

After It's all said and Done

Well My sister Erica left today to go back home to Cali. She had come in, last Thursday for my Dads 70th birthday. Her 2 oldest children had been here about a month before her and they had gotten to spend quite a bit of time with us and the boys. See previous blog "Surprise".

She brought her youngest Sadie with her.

Saturday the 7th we had the party for my dad at Nottingham park. It had turned out to be quite a nice day. It was great to have Erica and her kids here and to get together with family and friends. I think my dad was really surprised.
The cake had a caricature picture of him on it that was also the invitations, then my sister Karen had the caricature blown up and framed for him as a gift.

The past month has been quite a busy one with spending time with the kids, getting ready for the party and the anticipation of Erica coming in. Now that it's all said and done, The exhaustion has set in and the energy level is starting to build back up. So as I try to motivate myself and try to get back in to some kind of routine I look forward to Oct. When Erica and her whole family come in for my brother's wedding. Until then... I will miss them all and remember the time shared in celebrating this milestone for our Dad.

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  1. Thanks, sis. It really was a nice visit. Jace and I were just talking tonight about how fun you and Uncle Ken are. Wish we lived closer. Love ya bunches!


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