Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm finished!!!!!

For the last 4 and a half days I have been painting in the Kitchen. I have painted the walls and the cabinets. The boys also helped. We had painted the cabinets about a year ago and I liked it better than what we originally had. You see when we moved in the cabinets were a really dark brown, and they are old. We are hoping to do an addition soon though so we really didn't want to put a whole lot into the kitchen right now. Anyway, I wanted a change, so I told my husband (since he had put so much hard work into them before) that I would do it...and I did. YAYYYY.


  1. Oh, I think they look really nice! I can't remember exactly what they looked like before, but I really like the new look!

  2. Your cabinets turned out great. Lovely! Visiting from Lady Bloggers.


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