Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Well yesterday We took a day trip to Tower Beach in lower DE. It will probably be our last family outing this summer. The day turned out to be a really nice day considering it rained here at home some. It was partly sunny at the beach and it spit just a little as we were leaving.

We got to the beach about 12pm. We weren't even sure yet what beach we were going to go to at first. We had talked about Cape Henlopen or Indian River Inlet. We thought we had decided on the Indian River Inlet until we saw Tower Beach (which we had been to before and forgot about) and decided to go there. You just pay for parking and they have bath houses and a concession stand and stuff so it's pretty nice. I had packed a cooler full of snacks,sandwiches,drinks and things so we saved there. It wasn't very crowded either so that made for a nice time. The boys were actually able to toss a football around on the beach without running into anyone.

We had taken a friend of the boys with us and they all had their skim boards so they were busy with that and just swimming in the water as well as the football. Here are a couple pictures of us on the beach.

After cleaning up a little and changing up at the bath house,it was about 5:15 and we headed out. We stopped at a Grotto's Pizza in Dewy and had dinner. Then we headed to Rehobeth and walked the board walk for a couple hours. Traffic here at this time was bad. Poor Ken rode around for an hour looking for a place to park while the boys and I walked the boardwalk. He finally did find one and we had a great time .

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