Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Vacation

We don't get to take take a family vacation that often. We have taken day trips here and there but as far as a family vacation away for a few days, the last time we did that was a few years ago when we went to Williamsburg VA over the fourth of July. We had an opportunity to go away for a few days again this summer so being the history buffs that we are, we took another trip to Williamsburg. This time though we took a day and did Busch Gardens while we were there. Our first full day there was when we did Busch Gardens. We had a really great time. The boys loved the roller coasters. We stayed until closing, They had fireworks and stuff, called it Illuminights. The second full day there we did the Colonial part of Williamsburg. A few things that we did there were the same as a few years ago but for the most part, we did different things. We spent the whole day here too. Did the shops here before we left about 7: 30 or so then we went back to the Hotel and swam until the pool there closed. Unfortunately the next day we had to head home. We decided to make the most of it though and stopped at Mount Vernon on our way home. It was beautiful there. George really had some view from his back porch. Mount Vernon was George Washington's home . I would have liked to have been able to take pictures in his home but there was a no pictures rule. So we are home now... School will be resuming shortly and I will be going back to work : ( . But I am very thankful that we were able to get away. I think Next year, we are going to try for a a few days at the BEACH somewhere...

Jordan and Tanner front and center on the Griffon, over 200 feet in the air.

Jordan on the left, Tanner on the right.

Part of Little Italy in BG lit up for the Illuminights

Part of Little Italy again

Looking down from the bridge at the riverboats , the Lochness Monster and the Griffon to the right in the back ground

Illuminights Sign on the bridge at BG
A local Colonial girl showing Tanner one of their " Games"

Jordan getting his feet dirty in the clay to make bricks

In front of Mount Vernon

On the Back Porch

What A View !!!!



  1. Yay for a family vacation...time together making memories!

  2. Great pictures, Faith! Looks like everyone had a marvelous time.


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