Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day of Water Fun

Earlier this week we took a day trip. We went down to Killiens Pond in  lower DE. We took a friend of the boys with us. It was a really nice time.  The price was really good too. For out of state vehichles to park it was 6 dollars. Then to get in the water park  it was 3 dollars a person. You can take in clear bottles of water but you can not take in other beverages or food. They have a place inside to buy food and drinks. There are tables right outside the Water Park so we took our lunch in a cooler and went out to eat then was able to go back in after we were done. There is also a place for camping on the park grounds not sure if it was for tents or campers or both ( we saw signs on our way back to the water park ) but the area was really nice.We absolutely plan on making this a regular day trip thing for us in the future. Tomorrow we are off on another adventure .

This is a video of Jordan


Ken and me relaxing and reading a little
The boys friend Stefan and Tanner




1 comment:

  1. Killens Pond Water Park is a lot of fun! We try to go once a year, but aren't always able. Those water slides sure are fast. Glad to read you had a nice time at the water park as well.


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