Thursday, July 21, 2011

Insect or Fowl ?

The other evening I was sitting on the back deck and I happen to see this thing hovering around some flowers we have. At first I thought it was a little humming bird because of the way it was kind of still in mid air except its wings which were going so fast you couldn't really see them. When I got the camera however and got a closer look, I could see that this thing didn't look like any hummingbird. It looks like some kind of insect or something. Some one said it looks like a cicada but I'm not sure, I've never seen a cicada like this. Does anyone have any idea? Whatever it is it's pretty interesting.



  1. It is a hummingbird moth. Please check out my blog. I discovered one for the first time this year and posted about it also.

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  2. How cool. East coast has the best bugs.


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