Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Face lift

Last Saturday we took down this Aluminum Awning that was on the front of our house. It was on the house when we bought it over 2 years ago and I was never really that crazy about it. Now that it is down I like it so much better. Our next step is to power wash the house and then paint. These are some before and after pictures.
This is the only before picture I could find right now. It's a little hard to see it with the snow.
This is after we took it down. It opens things up A LOT..
Can't wait to re paint the shudders and door a different color other than black.

Any suggestions on a new shudder and door color? The house is staying white.


1 comment:

  1. Wow, that really changed the way the front looks. I bet it lets a lot more light into those windows too. Very cool. What color did you pick for the shutters? I would think a hunter green or navy blue would look great. A deep burgundy would look nice too. How much sun you get will be a factor with fading. We have no shade on the front of our house so ours fade very quickly. Can't wait to see pictures after it is done. Happy Thanksgiving!


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