Monday, January 10, 2011


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You May have heard about the Shooting that took place this past weekend in AZ. A 9 year old girl was shot and killed as well as some others that were killed and injured. Well The Westboro Baptist Church, who are known for protesting at funerals of service men and woman , are going to be protesting at this little girls funeral. WHAT???
These people are insane. They get me so angry. They go out there and preach HATE in the name of my God who LOVED the world so much that he gave his only son for us, for them, for the people that they say God hates. God Hates the Sin NOT the Sinner. For them to be out there saying otherwise is just wrong. What did this little girl do? Nothing. She just happened to be there.
In our church Life Group that my husband and I go to once a week , we just so happen to be talking about how Satan takes the truth and twists it so that people tend to think what is truth isn't and isn't is. This Article shows a perfect example of this. The members of WBC are taking the truth and twisting it, BIG TIME.
My condolences go out to this little girls family and the families of the others lost in this tragedy. I pray that The God I know and serve, will comfort them and give them a peace in this time of sorrow.

Here is the link.
Westboro Baptist Church to Use Tucson Massacre to Promote Agenda of Hate - KTXL


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    I definitely think it's messed up that those so-called "Christians" are preaching hate. And apparently, they are going for the anti-Catholic angle at this protest. I'm SO glad the lawmakers in AZ passed that law to make it a misdemeanor to protest the funeral.

    That poor little girl. She was born on 9/11, and now she was taken away in the worst possible way. Ugh, makes me so sad.!

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