Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bird Watching

We have a few bird feeders in our trees out front and I just love to sit in the living room and look out the front window and watch them sometimes. When we had our 2 snow days this past week I decided to take a few pictures through the window. These are just a fraction of what I took. Way to many to put on here. Out of all of them I think the male Cardinal was my favorite.



  1. I really liked the pictures. The birds are even more beautiful when it's snowing.

  2. Love the bird pictures! We used to live in Maryland and always had the BEST time watching the birds in our yard! I miss that!

  3. Great pics! Those scarlet feathers really stand out. Beautiful . . .

  4. Not sure if you got my first comment,looks like it didi not go through, thanks for the great pictures and for passing by.

  5. Hi Faith, thank you for the comment on my post. I'm really appreciate it. I think I better stay kids friendly recipes in the future ^,^

  6. love all the pics on your page :) i can't wait to take my kids to play in the snow at the end of this month!


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