Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some people ruin it for others

Ok.. so last week or so, I was in the Walmart (NE) Parking lot getting in my car when a girl, probably late 20's or so, approached me and said her car was over at the gas station and she needed a couple bucks to get gas. Well for some reason I was in a generous mood and so I reached in my purse and pulled out a dollar and handed it to her. After doing so I really started to wonder if I had done the right thing. Now every so often there is a couple that will stand by the entrance to the plaza and ask for food money also.

Well today, Ken and the boys and I had just gone through the Burger King Drive through and pulled over in the parking lot to go through our food when I look up and I see the same girl walking with the couple that beg for food money. They set up by the curb in the PL and stood there talking for a few seconds. I tried to talk Ken in to driving over so I could ask her if her car was still at the gas station needing gas but, no go. As we watch them I notice that she has on those shape up sketchers that cost a pretty penny. I'm still trying to talk myself into spending that much for a pair of those. She starts to walk away from the couple as they get comfy with their sign, and heads to the Dollar tree parking lot.As she heading over there, she pulls out a cell phone. I'm thinking, ok if you've been out of gas this long, you could have called someone by now you have a cell.

My point being, this really didn't look good. I was really believing that when I gave her a dollar before, I didn't do the right thing. I should have offered to take her over to the gas station, or meet her there and put a few bucks of gas in it myself. Then see what her reaction was. The people wanting money for food, Give them a burger or fries, or offer to take them into BK and buy then a meal.

Tanner said it himself, The bad thing about people like that is, they ruin it for some of the people that really need help. You just never know when someone is really telling the truth.

You see I have no problem in helping someone in need, Christ said "what you do to the least of these you do to me."I just think they need to help themselves first.

We had a long discussion about this as a family and what we can do... like the things mentioned above that I should have done. The boys also pointed out that we can look at what they are actually asking for on the sign,If it's money, than be leery but if they actually ask for clothing or food or jobs or a tent to sleep in, (like we saw once) Then they are more than likely a person really in need.

I guess If we are really really unsure about what to do when we see a person that says they are in need , we can pray for them. After all who doesn't need prayer.



  1. Tanner was right - they do sort of ruin it for the truly needy. However, you shouldn't consider meeting them or driving them somewhere. Think about it - if you were broke (like us!), would you go stand by the road? There are shelters and places to help with that. Not worth the risk.

  2. It is tough to know if people are genuine or not, isn't it, Faith? Especially when so many are in need. One of the ladies at church told me about a time that she and her husband, Jack, went out to dinner with another couple. Outside the restaurant, someone asked Jack for money and he gave it. The other man said he would probably use it for alcohol. Jack's response was "What he does with the money is between him and God, but me giving it to him is between me and God." I think that story is great to remember in these circumstances.


  3. I'm glad that you shared this, I wondered the same thing, but it's clear that if it's money, you're right be leery. Thanks for sharing.


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