Saturday, October 23, 2010

Great Day to Be Outside

Well today was just a Beautiful Day. The Sun was shining, the trees were beautiful shades of Reds Oranges and Yellows and the temperature was around 70 degrees. Tanner had a soccer game so we went to that. They won I think it was 6 to 0

When we got back home, we finally got some yard work done that we had been wanting to do. I trimmed back some bushes in the front of the house. I like to keep them below the windows and far enough away from the house that they don't touch.

I also got a couple of mums planted that had kept falling over in their pots and were starting to look a little ragged. One of them is in a wooden basket lawn ornament that we have.
Bottom left is one of the mums we planted

Ken did dig the holes for me to plant them, and took care of all the branches from the bushes I cut, and he cut the grass.
All in all it was a pretty productive Day


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