Sunday, July 19, 2009

New update

Well I know it's been quite a while since I've blogged, as some of you who read my blog know, We have had quite an ordeal lately. In less than 1 month, My son Jordan has had 2 surgeries. The first one to remove his thyroid due to Thyroid cancer. He ended up being in the hospital for 8 days due to his calcium levels being to low. It was such a stressful time mentally and physically. Mentally, Seeing what he was going through and just wanting to go home and Physically, going back and forth to the hospital and not sleeping very soundly when we stayed the night there. Anyone who has stayed the night in the hospital knows how that is with the nurses in and out and with room mates. Well he wasn't even home 2 weeks when he had to have another surgery to remove some lymph nodes that had grown since the first surgery. This was suppose to be a one day thing ,In and out the same day but... It didn't happen that way. There were more than they thought and the surgery was more involved so a drain had to be put in again, which meant an overnight stay. Not again.. Well thankfully it was just the one night. Through this whole thing Jordan has been such a strong little guy. I can tell you that with out our Faith in God and our savior Jesus Christ, I just wouldn't want to do this. We have had such an out pouring of prayer and support and just Gods love from family, friends and church family. As well as having family visit at the hospital, We had 3 pastors come see us while we were there , From our church from my parents church and from my brothers church where Tanner and Jordan have gone to for pioneers. We had our friend and the head of our kids ministries come with her husband ,another friend from church, and even Jordan's teacher from this past school year came to see him. We also had friends and family visit after we got home. What a great thing to be a part of the family of God. To just know that our heavenly father who loves us more than we could comprehend is in control. I know that things on this earth aren't always easy, he never promised that they would be but he did promise to never leave our side and always be there. And I stand on that promise.

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  1. Oh, Faith! I had been wondering about the second surgery. Sorry to hear it didn't go as planned. Praising God that Jordan is home with you now...I'm sure you are ready to relax!

    It was so nice to spend an evening with you all. Praying for you all...


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