Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let the Summer begin

Well , We're ready. We decided to invest in a pool this year instead of pay for a membership to the local pool. It isn't a permanent pool and it isn't the biggest but it was cheaper than a membership and it will do the trick in keeping us cool all summer long and able to be used next summer too. The kids have already been in it as well as Ken. I am waiting for the water to warm up a little more. Just 12 days left of school for the kids. 13 days left of work for me though. Tanner only has 10 days left though because he is going to youth camp with the church and they will be gone the last 2 days of school. Jordan will be going to kids camp later in the summer. I am so ready for summer break.


  1. Summer's coming!

    A pool is a pool! What fun for all of you!

    When you get some time, I hope we can get together! Any update on Jordan?

  2. Cant wait for you to invite me for a swim.


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