Sunday, December 18, 2011

An unexpected addition.

Last Saturday we had gone to see my mother in law for her birthday which was last Sunday the 11th. While we were there, her neighbors came over and brought her a dog. He is a cute little guy and they really set her up. They gave her food treats, toys food dishes leashes collars a crate and all his updated papers from the vet showing his shots. Now I thought they had just given it to her not knowing if she'd want one but she said she had mentioned that she thought about getting one. Not sure where they got him from. This dog according to the papers is about 7 months so being a puppy still he is very active and playful and he loves to find things to chew on. The boys played fetch with him and he just loved all the attention. Well to make a long story short We now have him... This little guy was just a little to active for my mother in law. As often as he needed to go out, was a little difficult for her being that she had to go down a flight of stairs to do it and her Knees hurt her. That and other things. So we said we would give him a try. That way she would still get to see him and she knows he is well loved. He has been fantastic. Now of course for us 4 it is much easier to share the responsibilities than 1 person. We all feed him and take him out,  it makes a big difference. We hadn't planned on getting a dog but I will say that he is the most well behaved dog that we have ever owned .



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