Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Friends

When we lived in our Town House We had some really great neighbors. Several of us in the same unit ( and some that were in other units close by) were more than just neighbors . We formed really great friendships with each other, like more of a family than a community. The one thing that I really miss from that neighborhood is our friends. Even though we all don't live in the same neighborhood anymore, we still try and keep in touch and get together every so often. (but not as much as I'd like)

One of the Families that we grew close to, moved down south to North Carolina. They were originally from parts of VA I believe. They were (and still are) your true definition of Southern hospitality. Brandy and Kevin and their kids became family. They took care of our boys when we had to travel for my sister in laws funeral and were just always willing to help out when ever you needed it.

We did get to go down to NC and visit them a while ago. That was really nice to spend time with them. Then 3 years ago we were going to go down and visit again, but that's when Jordan had to have his surgery, so we had to change our plans.

On Sunday, I got a text from our friend Brandy. She said Kevin was in DE for his Job. He was going to be up for a few days and she said that he would Love to see us while he was here. So, I got a hold of him and he came for Dinner this evening. It was really great to see him . I just wish that Brandy and the kids were with him. He asked when we were planning on coming back down.  Time off and  schedule co ordination is the problem .We would love to do it, maybe sometime soon.

I'm so glad that even though they are so far away we have managed to still keep in touch. It can be hard enough even when you are close to someone. We have truly been blessed with all of the friends that have come in to our lives and are very thankful .

Kevin myself and Ken

Jordan Kevin and Tanner



  1. Yay!! What fun for all of you...and your boys look incredibly grown up!

  2. ..wow.. I too have fond memories of our time in the "hood"... we too tried to keep up with some of our neighbors.. but you guys and the friends we already knew when we moved in.. seem to be the only one's we are still keep up with... :)

  3. It is so cool that you keep in contact with them still, what great neighbors you must have been.

  4. Wow, Faith, the boys have grown so much! Life is so busy lately. I miss you guys too! Maybe we can plan a trip to the beach in the summer with our families!

  5. Love your blog! I wanted to stop by and say thank you for participting in the Get Wired blog hop. Have great evening!



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