Thursday, April 21, 2011

Curly or Straight??

My Hair is pretty thick and it is also very wavy. Sometimes, depending on how I style it , It can look down right curly. Lately I've been wearing it straight. I never bothered with straightening it before because it was just so much of a hassle (the right straightening product makes a huge difference). The catch is I don't have a straightener. I ues my curling iron. Yes that's right, my curling iron. I take my curling iron hold it at the base of my hair (little sections) near my scalp and slowly move it up towards the end of the hair. Making sure to constantly keep it moving.

 Well now over at Something to Talk About,  there is a really cool giveaway for a Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron. ($130 dollar value) It straightens and I think it curls too.  How cool, (or should I say HOT) is that? 


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  1. Hey sweet pea! Thanks for the visit at my little blog :) Yes, those people on Extreme Couponing are crazy extreme!! Sheesh... who has time for that on a daily basis?

    Hey great job on those shoes for your son!! I'm all about savings!!

    Have a blessed week!!


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