Sunday, July 11, 2010


My parents just returned home yesterday, after being away for about a month. They had driven out west to California to visit my sister Erica and her family. Since Erica and her family are coming out here the end of July, my parents decided to bring Erica's 2 oldest children Jace and Brynna back with them. When Erica and the rest of the family come out they will just fly back with them. With all this said, we decided to keep it a surprise from Tanner and Jordan about Jace and Brynna coming back with their grandparents. This picture says it all,
When they both saw them their mouths just dropped, very funny. After a picture of the 4 of them on the couch they were off and running around outside like they see each other everyday.


  1. That is so awesome! Yea for cousins and Erica's trip later!

    Will they spend most of their time at your parents' home or yours?

    Have a super month!

  2. Annette they try to divide the time evenly, but I think a majority of it will be with my parents. When Erica and the rest of them get here they will be staying with my parents and day tripping with his . Mine have more room.

  3. I was looking on FB for the pictures, glad I decided to check on here. I'm so glad they have time to spend together and that you can get to know my kiddos a bit more. Anxious to see you!

  4. Hi Erica,, I am going to post on FB too I just haven't yet. I'm glad they have time together too. I just can't get over how when they get together it's like they see each other all the time, never missing a beat. Thanks for sharing your Kiddos and letting them come out with mom and dad. I always enjoy getting to know them better.


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