Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our PA vacation

Well We just got back from spending a couple days in Hershey PA. We left Sunday evening and got back Tuesday afternoon. The Hotel we stayed in served breakfast in the morning and had a kitchenette so we could take our own food. We took a cooler with lunch meats, lettuce, tomato. mayo, all the extras and a bunch of drinks to save us some money there. We did eat one meal out though.It also had an indoor pool, mini golf and basketball so we spent the first evening there swimming and golfing.
Monday we got up and after breakfast in the hotel we headed for Hershey Park. After hitting a few roller coasters we spent the rest of the afternoon in the water park. We left the park got our hands stamped and went back to the hotel to eat. Got there about 3. Our timing was perfect because right after we arrived at the Hotel, a big storm hit. It lasted about 2 and a half hours. As the rain eased up, and all of us now were out of our swim suits and full from our meal, we decided to head back to the park. We got there about 6 and it was still raining a little bit so we headed in to the shops to look around. When the rain pretty much stopped, we got to enjoy the rest of the night at the park and had a really great time.
We left the park and got back to the Hotel about 9:30 then went swimming again for a little bit and by then we were all ready to call it a night.
The next day was time to go home,but we decided to make 1 stop on the way. We stopped at Indian Echo Caverns.It was a pretty neat place. You get to walk through some actual caves and caverns and see these incredible cave formations. There's an actual lake down there too called Crystal Lake. Here's a picture of it. It really is an amazing thing to see.
After a nice family vacation together, we arrived home Sunday afternoon about 2:30. I have to say, as nice as it is to go away, it is always nice to come home too.

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  1. Faith, it sounds like you all had a lot of fun!!

    We're actually away this week at family camp. :)


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