Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting out

Well, Today was a beautiful Day. For the first time since we've been in our house , we lit up the grill on our back deck and grilled some burgers. Ken sported his Ravens Apron and Oven mitts that he got for Christmas. It was just nice to be out doors with the family. Earlier in the day, we opened up the windows, (they are still open now at 5 of 9 pm.) Ken went to the dump, washed the cars, and I did some laundry and hung it out on my new clothesline. I also got a few boxes out of the shed and attic and emptied a few more out. Ken did some also. All in all it was just a great , beautiful day.
Well earlier this week we had taken Jordan for his thyroid scan. The results are in, They came back inconclusive. This means we now have to go see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to see where we go from here. I talked to a friend from church who is a nurse and she says they need to stop fooling around (we have had many blood tests and a couple ultrasounds done already) and do a biopsy. If they don't mention it she said we should, especially since these last tests came back inconclusive.
Talked to my Mom and brother today. My Uncle Roger is not doing well. They have called in Hospice. My parents are in CA right now and may be heading back earlier than planned. Seems like there is always something. God is good and he's in control, that's where my strength is.
My brother had a surprise this morning. Something had knocked the rabbit hutch over, roof off and the rabbit was found dead. Doesn't look like an animal got a hold of it, no marks or anything. It's just weird.
One more day left of the weekend. Not sure what the weather's supposed to be like but I hope it's just as great as today.


  1. Praying for the ENT visit...

    Derek got a similar apron set for Christmas, but his are for Penn State. We didn't grill, but we enjoyed a good amount of time outside.

    Your back deck looks really big!

  2. How nice! I wish we lived closer so that I could enjoy a burger with you! Well done with pickles, ketchup and cheese.


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