Saturday, April 4, 2009

A day of new things

Today I went and got my hair done at a new place. I went to a place that is practically right behind us, on the next street. I really liked the girl that did it. I thought she did a really good job and I love the style. Her in laws actually live a few doors down from us and had a yard sale today. So after I got my hair done we all walked down to the yard sale.

We met the neighbor next door. These are the ones that live in the house that my sister Karen lived in 20 plus years ago with her girlfriend. The boys actually met her son earlier this week and were playing with him again today. Ken and I were out side briefly when my brother left (He came over to check out the dog run and shed the previous owner had) and she came over and introduced herself. She seems very nice. So everyday brings something new. God is good.


  1. OOO! I really like the new cut! Is it also blonde and lighter brown?

  2. Super cute, I love it! That's great that you're making friends in the hood.

  3. I love your hair!! It looks great! Hows the house coming along??


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