Monday, June 20, 2011

First Love

I always knew the day would come when my boys would have a girlfriend. I just didn't know it would come this soon.

A few months ago, Tanner had gone to his Dad and told him he was thinking about asking a girl at school out (uh oh here we go.) What do you mean " Ask Her Out " Ken said, " like to the movies or something? " He has no license keep in mind. Well Asking her out meant to be his girlfriend. Well Things didn't go quite as planned. I could tell because he was moping around the house for a day or so after that. I did ask him how things went and he told me not good. I told him not to get discouraged, because his dad asked me out 3 times before I finally said yes. That surprised him and as his voice rose a few octaves and he said     " Really? " I said " yes really, " His shoulders went back and he suddenly got his bounce back in his step.

So about a week before school was over , he came to me and asked if his dad had said anything to me. I said " about what? " I knew where he was going with this because Ken had talked to me already. "  About Erika  " he said. Ohh I said. Erika is someone that he has been friends with for the last 2 school years. Well He, " Asked Erika Out " His mood was definitely more chipper than the last time. " So things are going good? " I asked " Yea " he said. " Well good " I told him.

Sooo, In talking to her mom and Sister, She must talk about him a lot. He even let everyone take their picture together at the 8th grade graduation ceremonies, without hesitation. She lives up the road from us so he has ridden his bike to her house a couple times already. The first time Erika asked him over it was for her older sisters college graduation party so he has "  Met The Family "   " Sigh "

I just don't know if I am ready for this. I mean he is a HS student now but still. As a mom I pray for both of my boys future wives, wherever they may be, that they will be first and for most Godly woman and love the Lord greatly. I pray that Ken and I can raise our boys to respect a girl in every way and that they themselves will grow up to be Godly men. I guess all we can do is just put them in his hands, look to him for guidance and PRAY.



  1. I saw he added "In a relationship" to his facebook. I am not looking forward to the day, but I'm sure it's not that far off. I guess the key is prayer and open communications and you seem to have that covered. You and Ken are doing a great job! Love ya!

  2. Thanks sis, Love you too : )

  3. Wow! You'll never be ready though.

  4. Hi - Am visiting from the Friday Blog Hop

    Am your newest Follower! Nice to "meet" you

    Love that your blog includes Faith - it's so important in our lives - thanks for including this and have a blessed Saturday!!!!


    PS-Love your Family Pets Page! They're so important to include :o)

  5. Following you from the Friday Blog Hop. All of my children are married now and have little ones of their own. Life goes by so quickly. Enjoy every moment.


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