Friday, March 5, 2010

There's a teen in the house

Well it's official. Tanner is now a teenager, as of 7 :25 Wed evening. 3-3-10 was Tanners 13th birthday. We let him pick where he wanted to eat and he chose Chili's so we went there for Dinner. I had made him a cake so we came back home and had cake and sang to him. He wanted clothes so tomorrow I am going to take him clothes shopping. We didn't have a big party for him Yet... When the weather gets just a little warmer, He is going to have a celebration with his friends and have a bonfire in the back yard. It gets a little hard for him when planning his parties because amongst his friends is one friend who also has a birthday on March 3rd. The neat thing about this is, he was born at 7:30, five minutes after Tanner also at the same hospital. We could have been in rooms right next to each other. I can't believe how quick time flies by.


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