Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stringing up the lights

Well we put our tree up this Saturday and got it all decorated. This year we did a blue and white and silver tree. We have all blue and white and silver ornaments and Have blue and white lights. The lights we put on the tree this year are a different kind of light than we've used before. A friend had mentioned the LED lights to us. I had seen these in the store but didn't pick them up at the time because they are a little more expensive than the regular lights. However, after hearing from our friend, how great they were,( energy efficient, Don't give you the problems that regular lights do with burning out and causing the whole string to not light, and just being so much brighter) we decided to try them. We have come to the conclusion that WE LOVE THEM! They are just beautiful in person. A little tough to get a good picture of as you see but we do like them a lot. This first picture I took with the lights out and they are so bright that they made everything glow blue. To make the whole tree experience even more great, While we were putting it up and decorating it, we had our first snow of the season. How cool was it to be decorating the tree with the family and looking outside at the snow coming down just covering everything. Aahh the Christmas season, I just love it.

1 comment:

  1. Love the lights. Can't wait to see them in person. I am sure your tree is beautiful and it always is.


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